Monday, 29 June 2009

Creation Study Part Two 29th June 2009

We have been carrying on with our study of Creation using this book.

For day three of Creation we went to see where the land meets the sea (and had an ice cream whilst enjoying the view!) and discussed other types of land surface where the land meets the sea eg sandy beach.

We looked for seed bearing plants and grasses in our local park and planted some beans which are just beginning to burst forth.

We have just started day four of Creation and have enjoyed using a planetarium made by National Geographic which my sister gave dd1 for her birthday last year.

We also read I Love Space which we picked up quite cheaply from our local branch of The Works. We found it very interesting, but it won't suit every Christian family! I'm hoping we will be able to do some art and craft on space later this week.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Creation Study Part One 19th June 2009

This week we have started a study on Creation using a beautiful book called The Creation Story, illustrated by Norman Messenger and published by Dorling Kindersley. We picked up this book from our library when it was selling off old stock.

For the first day of Creation we discussed the differences between night and day inlcuding things like temperature, nocturnal animals and why we sleep at night and are awake during the day. We used black paper with white and yellow chalks to show the light bursting through the darkness.

For the second day of Creation we went outside with tubs of water and tried to separate the water into two piles, which was very funny. We printed out copies of this cloud chart and looked for different types of clouds and drew what we saw with white chalk on blue card. I also found this blog with amazing cloud photos.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Amazing Rockpool Ramble Finds 2nd June 2009

A couple of weeks ago we went on a rockpool ramble organised by the Wembury Marine Centre near Plymouth in Devon. We have been on a couple before, but this time we had our best finds by far.
Amazingly, dd1 found a shore crab (I think that's the correct identification!) which had just shed its shell, so in the tub you see the old empty shell which has come apart and the crab in its new and much bigger shell - I'm amazed it fitted in the old shell!
If you look carefully at the photo of the underside of a rock, towards the bottom in the middle. you will see a lovely little cushion starlet amongst the molluscs.

We've been using Usborne Spotter's Guides; The Seashore to help us with identification and have found it to be just about the right level for us!

Rockpool rambles are a real family treat for us and a humbling experience when we get a glimpse at the complexities and enormities of what the Lord created.

Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks has been a firm favourite and ties in nicely with our crab find - I originally got it in the vain hope it would help with sibling sharing!