Friday, 4 November 2011

Planning, planning, planning ...

Since I started my teacher training an awfully long time ago (!) I have fiddled around and experimented with different styles and layouts of planning, and being a home educator has not resolved this problem one bit!  In fact, faced with the option to plan any how I liked and not how the school policy dictated I have had even more choices!
My most recent (and really successful so far!) planning style is this:

I've been through all kinds of planning since I started homeschooling just over 3 years ago including one busy year when I hand wrote a lined A4 page for each day and a very time-pressed half-term holiday when I  word-processed the whole half term onto one A4  piece of paper.  I still use (even if it's only in my head sometimes!) the long, medium and short term planning system but I am very relaxed about plans being flexible to suit the child, the weather, and so on!
I'm hoping that I may have 'cracked it' this time but I doubt it somehow!