Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Arctic and Antarctic Project

In the winter of 2011-2012 we did a fantastic project on The Arctic and Antarctica.  We'd been trying to come up with an idea of what to study and a combination of hubby and me going on an anniversary trip to see Paul Rose at The Assembly Hall Theatre in Royal Tunbridge Wells and trailers on television advertising Frozen Planet sparked the project off.
Here are the resources we used:
We watched Frozen Planet on BBC iplayer (it's now available on DVD) - I previewed each episode and told the girls roughly what was going to happen and they chose not to watch some of the scenes where some of the animals didn't survive - we're animal lovers here!
For each episode of Frozen Planet we took notes and then recorded the seasonal changes in words and/or pictures.
We used Enchanted Learning for worksheets.
We used the books Frozen Planet and Planet Arctic (which were reduced and available at The Book People at the time) for more information and photos, as well as library books including books on the stories of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Captain James Cook, Matthew Henson and Robert Peary.

We made some Arctic collages, after learning about Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights).

We learnt about the Inuit and their culture which linked in brilliantly with our next project which was on Native American Indians.  We made Inuit mittens out of felt:

There was no field trip for this project!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ancient Greeks project

Last summer we started a project on Ancient Greeks.  It was due to finish at the end of the summer term, but consecutive bouts of chicken pox put paid to that plan and I exercised the luxurious ability to simply stop where we'd got to and carry on in September.  This we did, and here are some pictures from our journey:

Greek sailing boats

From Cake Angels

Lovely Greek Honey Cake

Ancient Greek meze
Ancient Greek meal

Painting Greek pots (amphora/e)

We used this great website to make a paper parthenon: 

Building the Parthenon!

Trying out a cepsydra

Trying out a clepsydra

Paper plate discus

Paper plate discus

Most of the activities we did came from this book:

But we used lots of books over the course of the project and are still reading Mary Pope Osborne's Tales from the Odyssey as one of our Read Alouds:

The book below was more suitable for older readers:

And this one was more suitable for younger readers:

I found some useful blogs and websites etc. during this project:  I've linked to the Ancient Greek pages on these sites below: