Monday, 25 August 2014

Hidden Treasure

Kind of following Charlotte Mason and kind of following Ambleside Online, I have learnt to be quite choosy about books and curriculum.  I've also learnt that a fair few items I'd like to get hold of are no longer printed or are simply not available here in the UK, unless of course you are prepared to get your hands (and often knees!) dirty searching for hidden treasures.  At a very wet village fete today I was absolutely delighted to pick up all of this lot scarily cheaply.  I did have to kneel on a damp floor, and carry all this lot in my arms whilst rummaging further, but it was absolutely worth it and I feel like I've undeservedly been given a great big present :-)  Perfect timing too as I started planning in detail this evening and working out what I haven't been able to get hold of second hand and will have to buy brand new :-)  In fact, I was in such a good mood that both dds got sewing machine time this afternoon - more handicrafts of course :-)  Homeschooling never really stops for a holiday!

Finishing the final part by hand.

A carry cot for Hoppity the Panda.

Pinning on scraps left over from bunting I made.

Much jollier t-shirt now :-)

Much, much jollier :-)

A closer look at the treasure.

Some are for me and dh :-)